A JDM Programmer Variant

Submitted by martyn on Wed, 08/02/2006 - 20:15

I have found the the low-cost programmer provided in schematic form by Jaakko Hyvätti (which is based on the jdm84v23 by Jens Madsen), though slow, to be acceptable for my needs. I currently have the device working with Picprog on a breadboard, however I would like a much more solid version ;-)

I have decided, rather than placing a chip holder on the board, to provide a header with the required control lines. This can then either be plugged onto a similar header for in-circuit programming, or into a patch board as shown in the picture below - allowing different PIC layouts to be easily programmed, without excessively complicated wiring.

Snapshot of board design

Board Design

I have a design (Available as a zip file) in eagle CAD (free, as in beer, limited version available for linux on their site).

I have had a couple of the main programmer boards fabricated by PCB-Pool, currently some of the spacings are wrong for the resistors I have and many of the pads are a little small to easily solder, but the device works!


  • Resistor Spacing
  • Diode Pad Sizes